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From corporate functions, in-home chef experiences, to dinners on the go, our menu evolves with the seasons to provide you with exceptional meals for all of life's celebrations.
Free delivery on orders over $60 (within 15km)

Antipasto Platter - A section of Italian salumi, cheese and house giardinera - $5 per person

Medium Tray (8-12 people) | Large Tray (16-24 people)

Pasta Pomodoro - San Marzano tomato and basil sauce
Medium $23.99 | Large $47.99

Maccheroni alla Boscaiola - Maccheroni pasta, mushrooms, pancetta, tomato, béchamel
Medium Tray $34.99 | Large Tray $64.99

Orecchiette Pugliese - Orecchiette pasta, sausage, rapini, aglio olio, peperoncino
Medium Tray $36.99 | Large Tray $68.99

Lasagna Bolognese - Fresh egg noodle pasta, Bolognese ragu, béchamel, parmigiano
Medium Tray $42.99 | Large Tray $89.99

Lasagna Calabrese - Fresh egg noodle pasta, ragu calabrese, hard boiled egg, spring peas, ricotta, mozzarella, parmigiano
Medium Tray $49.99 | Large Tray $99.99

Pasta del Giorno - Our daily pasta feature (price varies)

Meat and Seafood (priced per person)
Pollo - Braised bone-in chicken with sweet onion, white wine and herbs - $3.50

Salsicce - Roasted sausage with sweet peppers and onion - $3.50

Scaloppine ai Funghi - Pork scaloppini with white wine and sautéed mushrooms - $4.25

Pollo al Limone - Boneless chicken breast scaloppini, light lemon sauce - $5.00

Valdostana - Thinly sliced beef cutlet stuffed with prosciutto cotto (Italian ham) and mozzarella - $5.50

Meatballs - Tender veal, pork and beaf meatballs slowly stewed in tomato sauce - $1.25 each

Porchetta - Slow roasted Roman style Porchetta - $5 per person (min. order 20 people)

Pesce in Umido - Boneless white fish, black olives, tomato, herbs - $5.00

Calamari - Calamari, potatoes, peas, carrots and tomato - $5.00

Sides + Salads (Medium Tray (8-12 people) | Large Tray (16-24 people)
Patate - Roasted herb potatoes
Medium Tray $29.99 | Large Tray $49.99

Grilled Vegetables - Assorted seasonal grilled vegetables
Medium Tray $39.99 | Large Tray $69.99

Roasted Vegetables - Assortment of roasted seasonal vegetables
Medium Tray $39.99 | Large Tray $69.99

Rapini - Pan friend rapini with fresh garlic, peperoncino and extra virgin olive oil
Medium Tray $44.99 | Large Tray $74.99

Piselli e Funghi - Sauteed spring peas, mushrooms, onions, carrots and pancetta
Medium Tray $35.99 | Large Tray $59.99

Fagiolini - Green string beans, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, with red onion
Medium Tray $35.99 | Large Tray $59.99

Garden Salad - Mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette
Medium Tray $21.99 | Large Tray $40.99

Potato Salad - Italian potato salad with black olives, parsley, celery, extra virgin olive oil
Medium Tray $36.99 | Large Tray $50.49

Cabbage - Shaved white and purple cabbage dressed with vinegar, olive oil and a hint of anchovy
Medium Tray $21.99 | Large Tray $40.99

Assorted Sandwich Platter
An assortment of our favourite sandwiches, served with family style Mediterranean garden salad.
Small (serves 6-8) $44.99 | Large (serves 12-15) $74.99

Chef In-Home Experience
Bring the restaurant experience to your dining room for you and your guests. We offer full serve multi-course plated dinners for small dinner parties. Connect with us for menu options and more details.

We love to create customized requests for your celebrations. For other menu inquires such as hors d'oeuvres, cakes, pastries, pizza, premium meats and seafood, please contact us.